Place Awareness Walks – Look At Your Area With New Eyes

Ginnels and lanes that could be made a lot more of for safe passageThe first task in producing a neighbourhood plan,  is to map out the different areas of Aireborough using photographs.  Timescales are short, and as many people as possible are needed to do a walk in as many areas of the district as possible.

The task,  is to pick an area where you live or work, or that means something special: it should make sense as a geographical area eg 1) Old Guiseley, The Trees, and The Wells,  or 2) Yeadon High Street,  St John’s and The Tarn, and may well have different sub-areas within it.  Pick a good, clear, day, and walk around with family and/or friends, really looking at what you see, and taking pictures.   To get into the right frame of mind for seeing the area afresh,  below are just some of the questions to consider and talk about on your walk.

What gives you a sense of wellbeing in the area.

What do you not like.

What makes Aireborough, Aireborough

What is a community asset.

What makes you feel unsafe

Collect the pictures together,  and email Jennifer Kirkby or Christine Schofield at so that they can 1-Neighbourhood Plan3make arrangements to download them for use. The pictures will then be used at the next Forum event in January to start working with the CABE consultants on ‘mapping Aireborough’.

Experience has taught us that you need at least an hour or so to walk and talk about an area,  two hours is better to get the most of it.   If you can gather around a pint, or a coffee afterwards and just talk about what you saw it makes it even more convivial.  It has amazed us,  how just looking carefully has started a train of new ideas for making things better, and conserving what is loved.

For further information or questions please email

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