Silverdale Allotments 1113 (HG2-6)

11092120_1052863654725769_6660356587068574094_nThe green field site on Silverdale Avenue known as Silverdale Allotments are earmarked for 32 houses on half the land, and the rest as allotments – although the allotment land is in private ownership and still used by the owners. There is a Facebook page here specifically for people interested in this site.

The local group looking at the sustainability assessment for this site have prepared a report which is here.

They have also prepared an application for part of the site to be a green space report here, which was sent as their response to the 2015 SAP Consultation.

And have put out these leaflets for the SAP consultation,  email response,   on-line response

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum Overall SAP Consultation 2015 Response is Here.

The Leeds Site Allocation Plan for this site is here  use the interactive map button.

The Guide to the Leeds Consultation is here with a suggested letter layout.

Update on potential planning application.

Consultation on potential planning application 17th May 2016

Planning Consultation banners and potential plan by Barton Willmore 17th May 2016