Ings Lane (New Birks Farm) 3026 (HG2-1)

framing_the_copseThis green belt site is a major urban extension joining up Guiseley and Menston.   The site is allocated for 285 houses,  with an additional 114 on the Ings Lane site 4043 (behind the Insgs Pub).  There is a Facebook Page here specifically for people interested in this site.

The local group looking at the sustainability assessment for this site have done a report here, which was their response to the site allocation consultation November 2015.

And, a guidance leaflet for the SAP consultation.

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum Overall SAP Consultation 2015 Response is Here.

Useful information on flooding on the Ings

The Leeds Site Allocation Plan for this site is here  use the interactive map button.

The Guide to the Leeds Consultation is here with a suggested letter layout.

Infill or a Merging of Settlements? You decide

Infill or a Merging of Settlements? You decide