Rawdon (Various)

11015331_10206057025880157_7470519457435300350_nThe Rawdon sites are not part of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan, as a separate Neighbourhood Plan is being done by Rawdon Parish Council. However, Rawdon is part of the Aireborough Housing Market Characteristic Area and so shares the 2,300 housing target.

In addition to the Parish Council, Rawdon has a very active Action Group looking at the one allocated site (130 houses at Woodlands Drive), and the several ‘safeguarded’ sites – that means the sites will be taken out of green belt, and kept as a contingency if more land is needed. The safeguarded land is earmarked for 246 houses.   All the land is Special Landscape Area.

In addition,  the Leeds Bradford Link Road, is proposed for a site across the side of Rawdon Billing.

The Rawdon Green Belt Action Group have produced this sustainability assessment in collaboration with the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum, which was sent as their response to the SAP Consultation 2015.

They have also produced this leaflet for the SAP Consultation.  

The Leeds Site Allocation Plan for this site is here  use the interactive map button.

The Guide to the Leeds Consultation is here. with a suggested letter layout.