Are you interested in a workshop where you can learn about Aireborough’s past, put forward your thoughts about what you value about where you live today and voice your opinions as to where you think the area is headed in the future?
The theme of the workshop will be:-
Honouring its Past
Valuing its Present
Imagining its Future
This workshop will gather evidence for The Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum’s last major project, an urban study, to go towards our Neighbourhood Plan.

Have you ever wondered how Aireborough evolved? Our Urban Study Professional and an enthusiastic historian have been delving into the history of the area and will talk in depth about their findings.

We all know our area to a greater or lesser extent, but what do you value in Aireborough, be it a view, a building, a facility, its people? We would like to know your views.

Do you have a vision for Aireborough’s future? Have you ever thought you had an idea for making traffic flow more easily, had a plan for the housing problem or a vision for enhancing the experience of living in Aireborough?

You live in Aireborough so you are the best people to answer these questions.

We are holding two workshops, one in Yeadon at the New Life Church Annexe on Saturday 28th January between 2 and 4pm and one in Guiseley Methodist Church on Tuesday 31st January between 7 and 9pm. If you would like to attend email us on and come along.
It promises to be an interesting and stimulating experience.


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