Aireborough Festival 2015, Programme Draft

Festival InvitationWe are still finalising some of the programme details, but here is an overview (click here) of what to expect when.  Please check back at the end of the month to confirm timings.    Some events are bookable, and one or two are to pay for.   Bookable events are to

The majority of events will take place in Guiseley Theatre, the Offenbach Room, as we are supporting Guiseley Amateur Operatic Society in their bid to develop the Theatre into a community asset.  See post here.

If you would like to take part in the festival in any of the Fairs or Exhibitions,  please let us know, we can still add to the programme.   The idea is for local people to make it their showcase, for their talents and ideas.  As well as for the Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum to spread the word about neighbourhood planning and Leeds’ Development Plans,  and to listen to what local residents and businesses have to say about designing a thriving place – not becoming a suburban dormitory.

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