ANF Training Event March 2013 – Presentations & Membership Form

Airborough Neighbourhood PlanThe ANF Training Events held on 26th March 2013 were designed to increase knowledge of neighbourhood planning, place making, and look at the emerging Neighbourhood Forum vision and themes.  The presentation used on the day are now available for viewing or downloading (pdf format).

Neighbourhood Planning,   by Colin Haylock, Design Council CABE, and former president of the Royal Town Planning Institute

Place Making by Helen Farrar, Design Council CABE and Landscape Architect

Vision and Next Steps, by Tom Lonsdale, Design Council CABE, Placecraft, and Landscape Architect, and Jennifer Kirkby, ANF

Copies of the ANF Membership Form were also given out at the training event for people who would like to be members of the Forum to complete.  A downloadable copy can be found here.

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