Your Views and Ideas


Thinking About Aireborough

To register your views about what you like or don’t like about Aireborough,  how you feel about the area, or any ideas you would like considered for improvement, then fill in our research.

Research, Guiseley (including Hawksworth and High Royds)

Research, Yeadon

This information will be used to guide our initial thinking on what needs to be in the Neighbourhood Plan.

My Place Diaries

We need volunteers to write a diary about how they use Aireborough facilities over a week, and what they think about their experiences.  To take part, please contact us.

Placemaking Walks

Over the next few months we will be running placemaking walks, or instructing people who to do one on their own.  These involve walking a set area, recording and photographing what you like and what you do not like about your surroundings.   To run, take part, or do a placemaking walk, please contact us.


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