We have been asked by Aireborough Civic Society and the organisers of the linked petition to share the news about Aireborough busses The link to the petition is here.

First West Yorkshire are planning to reduce the 33 and 34 bus routes, along the A65. The new timetable will start on 9th December and mean from Monday to Saturday day times there will be 2 journeys an hour for service 33 to/from Guiseley White Cross, 2 as service 34 via Yeadon to Otley, and 2 as service 34 to/from Yeadon Morrisons. Many of us, who rely on this already terrible service are beyond dismayed. These services are vital for keeping our communities connected.”

“The partnership of bus companies, Leeds City Council and the Transport Authority is supposed to be working together to reduce congestion and pollution by improving public transport. It is clearly failing. The Leeds target to double bus passenger numbers between 2016 and 2026 cannot be achieved by such cuts. It is obvious that it will lead to even FEWER bus passengers and even MORE cars on our already congested roads. “

The main issue is journeys at peak times (the key times) which take twice as long as at other times. This is due to high traffic levels, allowances for which have to be build into timetables. But, congestion levels are not the same every day and if a bus does happen to make the journey quicker, say 10 min early, the bus must wait at bus stops – ideally with the engine turned off (to reduce pollution), but also making the bus extremely cold!”

“Development plans for Aireborough will only make things worse. Every housing development plan in Aireborough states improvements need to be made on the A65, whilst planning law says new homes should be built were there is adequate access and infrastructure. The plans for the Airport relief road and the Council’s housing plans state that the A65 is currently well served by the 33 and 34 bus service. Meanwhile Green Belt sites have been approved for building before 2023 because our area is supposed to be the most ‘sustainable’. None of this is the case, and even more so now that bus cuts to these services are coming.”

The commuter train services also seem to leave a lot to be desired with late and cancelled trains now a regular feature; as is evidenced in the Guiseley Rail Users Forum.”

Currently Leeds City Council has a consultation on how it should respond to their climate emergency. They should not respond by cutting bus services, particularly along the A65, one of the most polluted and most congested roads in the city.

There is therefore a petition on 38degrees that you might like to sign, it states.We ask First West Yorkshire to:
Reconsider the plans for cuts to these vital services
Properly resource these routes with drivers and buses
Produce a realistic, workable timetable and stick to it
Ensure that timetables and staffing allow each bus to run its full route as far as possible
Use effective tracking systems and provide accurate information to passengers
Report any delays or other issues honestly
Offer customer services 7 days as week, answering passenger questions, providing information, genuine responses and compensation when appropriate.”