Planning Applications – Silverdale Allotments and Town Gate

The following planning applications have been received; residents and Forum members may like to make their views on these known via the Leeds planning web portal – links below.

Coach Road/Silverdale Allotments – 38 Dwellings

Plans by Stonebridge have changed very little since their October residents survey. You will find the link here for comments which need to be in by 31 December 2019. There are many backgound documents associated with this application.

The Statement of Community Involvement with the survey is on page 9 of the Planning Statement.

Towngate, Guiseley

An application has been received to demolish 4 flats in traditional stone buildings at Towngate and build an apartment block with 9 units. The application link is here comments to be received by 31 December 2019.

This site is in a key location in the Guiseley Conservation area, a copy of the conservation appraisal is here.

Please could you send a copy of your views on the Town Gate development to us as well as Leeds City Council, so that we can do a comment from the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum. Send to (We already have many views on the Silverdale proposal, but always happy to have more.)