We are pleased to say that we are getting near to our £3,000 target for advice from a Barrister on the Leeds Site Allocation Plan Modifications Consultation regarding the use of Green Belt sites in Aireborough before 2023.

To date we have had donations totalling £2,700 both large and small.   Thanks must go to all the people who have contributed.  We now have just over a week to reach our target.

If you can join in the crowdfunding then every little helps us achieve that final target, and is much appreciated by many people across the area.

The decision by Leeds City Council to allocated four Green Belt sites in Aireborough under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ rule needs to be rigorously challenged at a time when the Leeds housing target is falling, and all the sites chosen have issues with negative sustainability from being a flood plain, to important historic sites and being next to an airport runway: and that is before the cumulative effect of traffic and air pollution is considered.  LCC say the negatives can be overcome, but there are huge question marks over the feasibility, cost and funding of their suggested mitigations, eg Horsforth roundabout to overcome traffic congestion on the A65.

These Green Belt sites will not even produce the type of housing that is needed in the area eg smaller properties for first time homes and downsizers, plus independent living – the economics of development just do not stack up.

What is more, these allocations need to be considered in the light of Bradford’s recent plans to build more houses on greenfield sites in Menston and Burley.  Then, of course, there are the plans for road improvements to Leeds Bradford Airport, which also use Green Belt.

We have done what we can to produce the evidence and point out all the issues,  the alternatives, and to ask that Aireborough and parts of Wharfedale are planned in one masterplan, given the scale of the changes – but to limited avail.  So, now Forum members feel it is time for the key points to be put in a legal framework with supporting case-law.

Many people are very seriously concerned about the future of the area.

We have a crowdfunding account at Local Giving here,  or email us on for details of where to send a cheque or how to do a bank transfer.

Aireborough’s future is hanging in the balance, and time is of the essence.