Appeal on Silverdale Allotment Site – Comments By 26th September to the Planning Inspectorate

A copy of the current site layout on pdf for enlarging can be found below

In August 2018 an appeal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate by Stonebridge Homes regarding the refusal by Leeds City Council of their plan to build 46 houses on Silverdale Allotments. The Planning Inspectorate are inviting comments by local residents on the use of the site for the appeal.  Comments need to be submitted by 26th September 2018 via their website,  or in a written format.

The appeal reference is APP/N4720/W/18/3197483 and the Stonebridge appeal form can be found on the Leeds Planning Portal here.  Whilst their appeal statement can be found in  pdf  here.  A pdf of the latest Stonebridge plan L is here.  

The Case

Planning permission was sought by Stonebridge Homes for 46 houses on Silverdale Allotments in 2017; this was refused by Leeds City Council in January 2018.  Refusal was on the grounds that there was no green space provision for public allotments or other green space use as detailed in the draft Site Allocation Plan.  The Stonebridge appeal is questioning the need on the site for green space in general and allotments in particular.  They have asked for a public hearing by a Planning Inspector and hence the call by the Inspectorate for written representations (or comments) by local people.  The Inspector will make a site visit.

The plan that was refused permission is on the Leeds Planning Portal here dated 21 November 2017 along with the Officers Report and  the Refusal Notice  – all contain useful background information.

Situation – Allotments 

In their Site Allocation Plan Leeds have deemed the site should be allocated for up to 32 housing units, with half the site being laid out for allotments which are in short supply in Guiseley.  The site was purchased for allotments in the early 1920’s by the Park Gate Allotment Society.  They have been formally allocated as allotments in Council plans for many decades,  but they are private not council owned, so it is up to the owners to rent them out.   Currently the whole site is around 4.94 acres and is used in the following way

  • There are 2 allotments of different sizes used by the owners – who do not wish to sell and so are not part of this application.  Around 1.2 acres.
  • Two and a half allotments are let out for use by the owners.  Around 1.3 acres
  • One allotment was in use up to 2012. Around 0.2 acres
  • One allotment was in use up to 1999 when the tenant was given notice. Around 0.3 acres
  • That leaves two allotments which the owners have not let out to tenants or used themselves for at least 20 years. Around 1.9 acres.

Both the Leeds analysis of allotment provision in the area and the experience of the local allotment groups show that there is a significant shortage of allotment provision in the Guiseley and Rawdon ward in relation to the 0.24ha per 1,000 people that is detailed in LCC policy.   The local allotment groups all have waiting lists and report that people from Guiseley are having to go elsewhere to find allotment provision, whilst some allotment groups are having to sub divide allotments to try to provide some space.  There are details of this in the Officers Report.

Situation – Housing Need

The SAP also says the site is suitable for retirement housing which is needed in Guiseley – whereas 4-5 bed family housing is not a type  required locally.

Other Issues

Other key issues with the site are access on to the Silverdale Estate, and flooding and sewerage .   A list of issues raised by the 188 letters of objection are outlined in the Officers Report at 19 January 2018 on the Leeds Planning Portal.

How To Make A Comment or Representation 

Weight is given by Planning Inspectors to the number of people who are concerned about a development,  as well as what they have to say.  Factual comments based on knowledge of the site and the issues its development may cause both locally and in the wider area,  along with suggestions for improvements to plans and ideas for use are of great help in decision-making.   Evidence for comments is helpful including data, photographs and papers.

On the Planning Inspectorate Website

  • Go to the Planning Inspectorate website here
  • You then need to create an account to comment
  • Log in to your newly created account and on the right hand side enter the last part of the above case reference ie  3197483
  • Click on the button at the top to make a comment
  • You can then follow the form through to add comments or and/or attach documents.

In Writing

Send 3 copies of letters and documents to – The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/10B Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

Further Information and Discussion – Aireborough Place Space 

If you would like to discuss this further with us, the Aireborough Place Space in the Old Parish Room Town Gate, will be open this Saturday morning, 15th September, 10am – 1pm.

We also have the plans for Fieldhead School improvements, as well as the conceptual plans for Esholt proposed by Yorkshire Water.

We will also be open for Heritage Open Day on Sunday 16th September, 2-4pm.