The Local Government Association tells us that  Community leadership is the heart of good local government.

Councillors should work in partnership with local communities and organisations –  public, voluntary, community and private sectors – to develop a vision for their local area and work collaboratively to improve services and quality of life for citizens.   The role of a Councillor therefore requires them to

  • respond to queries and investigate concerns (casework)
  • communicate council decisions that affect communities
  • understand their area and be aware of problems
  • know and work with representatives of local organisations, interest groups and businesses

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum knows that the development of Aireborough is of huge concern and worry to local people – we’ve been working on it since 2012.  However, people have said that they “don’t feel prospective council candidates have properly addressed these important issues in their campaigns” …and that..   “these local issues have largely been ignored“.

Council elections are primarily about local issues and community leadership, not what Government is doing, which is the role of Members of Parliament. The Council elected on 3rd May 2018 will be the one making vital decisions on the future of Airebrough and Leeds as a whole.

So, on Saturday  28th April, we asked all local council election candidates in Otley & Yeadon, and Guiseley & Rawdon for their views on development in Aireborough, and said we would publish them for local people to see.

Below, are the responses we have received to date for each ward, in the order received for that ward in a downloadable pdf, just click on each ward name (if you need a different format please email us on  It is worth reading the responses of candidates from both wards as there are some interesting viewpoints; in addition, as Aireborough has been classed as a major settlement by Leeds City Council what happens in Guiseley can affect Yeadon and vice versa.



We’d like to thank candidates for their responses.

Our initial post and questions asked.