We stand at a very crucial time for the development of Aireborough,  and the choice of local councillors has never been so important.

Leeds City Council (LCC) submitted their Site Allocation Plan (SAP) to the Planning Inspector on 23 March 2018, and a public hearing is expected in July 2018.   In addition,  LCC are also revising their Core Strategy and housing targets, with a public hearing expected in the first part of 2019.   It is crucial that local councillors understand the complex issues for development in Aireborough and are able to act for the benefit of both sustainability and wellbeing.

So, on behalf of residents, we have put some development questions to all candidates in the two wards covered by the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan,  Guiseley & Rawdon,  and Otley & Yeadon.

  1. If the party that you represent were to be in power or in a minority on Leeds City Council following local elections on 3 May 2018, what would your party’s position be on the proposed housing developments on Green Belt sites in Aireborough?
  2. What would you personally, as an elected member, do about the proposed developments?
  3. What do you, as a council candidate, understand to be the main issue regarding development in Aireborough?
  4. What would you personally do as an elected member to improve the ‘quality of place’ in Aireborough?

Responses are below, click on link for a pdf, it is useful reading the responses in both wards.