Green Lane Mills – Development Update

We recently visited the Green Lane Mills (known as the Naylor Jennings site) development to see how work was progressing.  We noted that Phase 1 of 25 dwellings had all been reserved and that folk were either moving in or due to move in the near future.  It was really pleasing to note that the buildings fronting Green Lane were constructed of stone and that the new blended and complimented the old.  Not all properties will be built of stone, but rather with brick, however, the brick is coloured to match the stone-built dwellings and does not look out of place and is in keeping with the overall character of the site.

It is intended to build some 150 dwellings on the site and it is anticipated for the development to take 3 years to complete.  Housing will include apartments, terraces, semi-detached and detached dwellings made up of 1 to 5 bedrooms and prices ranging from £130,000 to £550,000.  In addition, it is intended to construct a 64-bed care facilitiy, but as yet full details are not known.

Clearly some of the original mill features have been retained, such as the buildings fronting Green Lane.  As have the two chimmneys that have been a local landmark for many years.  The mill pond has been drained and filled and a beck rerouted around the site.  A conservation area, including a pond, has been created to cater for newts found on the site and cobbles will be laid near original buildings to provide lasting authenticity.

To date, construction appears to be very much in keeping with the original Mill’s character and it is clear that care has been taken to ensure this.  CAMSTEAD has undoubtedly given much thought to the design concept of the site and it is hoped that this will continue throughout its development.  Further information regarding housing design can be found here and here.



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