sad piggy

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum piggy bank is almost empty but we still have still a few things to do to finalise the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan.

We have the opportunity to double any donation you make up to £10 through “Local Giving”.
Link here
The offer is open from Tuesday 17th October at 10am and runs until midday on Thursday 16th November (or until the money runs out!).

We estimate that £3000 would see the plan completed. That would be just 150 donations of £10 (doubled)!

Your generous donations in the past have helped finance the gathering of crucial evidence for the plan that was not available anywhere else. It paid for studies led by professional experts with help from enthusisastic locals who attended our many workshops.
These include
The Urban Study…/aireborough_master_final_op
The Landscape Study…/landscape-repor…
The Ecology Study…/aireborough-bas…
The Housing Needs Study…/andf-housing-ne…
This last push would finance workshops, a major community survey on choosing options, publishing, design, printing and leaflet distribution.

Please help us finish the job, and create a better Plan for Aireborough.

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