On Tuesday 8 August 2017 Leeds City Council approved a planning application by AVANT Homes for the former High Royds Administrative Block and Workshops to be converted.  The conversion will take the form of 46 residential dwellings and one retail unit.  In addition, planning permssion was given for the construction of 25 new houses.

The Administration Block conversion will consist of:

3 – one bedroom
24 – two bedrooms
11 – three bedrooms
4 – 3/4 bedrooms

The Workshops conversion will consist of:

3 – two bedrooms
1 – three bedrooms
1 – commercial unit

The 25 new houses will be constructed to provide accommodation as follows:

2 – three bedrooms
11 – four bedrooms
12 – five bedrooms

Further to the above the Administrative Block’s Ballroom will be retained as a communal resident relaxation area.  For full details of the proposed development please click here.  However, the access and design statement which contains photographs, diagrams, maps and information regarding the development may be accessed by following this link https://publicaccess.leeds.gov.uk/online-applications/files/536DBDDAD6D5C9387201578BC4E4CEE5/pdf/16_04643_FU-DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT__UPDATED_VERSION_-1681871.pdf