Aldi YeadonThe planning application with full background papers for the new Aldi store,  Kirk Lane, Yeadon is now open for comment on the Leeds planning website,  see here.  The plan is to pull down the old building and rebuild a new store on ground that is around 1m lower – so not quite as steep.

Following a community consultation event on 19th November 2014,  Aldi have made a number of changes in the light of comments made.   Many people said they valued the additional retail choice, and welcomed the opportunity for the current site to be improved.

Issues  that Aldi have addressed include pedestrian entrances,  road crossing,  lighting,  landscaping, deliveries, anti-social behaviour and cycle stands.

The store is situated in the Yeadon conservation area, see here, and  this is an excellent opportunity to improve the look and value of this area, comments are therefore invited on

  • building design and materials to enhance the area
  • the link between the side wall of the building and the setting for Engine Fields

Comments are also invited on aspects of the site that would improve access,  the environment,  and to discourage anti-social behaviour.

The store expecting to open in 2016.