_58266396_-19Stuart Andrew MP, has secured a House of Commons Debate on the Effect of Housing Targets on the Pudsey Constituency.  The debate will be between 4 – 4.30pm in Westminster Hall, on Tuesday 3rd February.

Along with other City and Town Councils the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum will be sending Stuart information for the debate, including the newly acquired information on houses built in Aireborough since 2000.

Apr 2000 – Mar 2012 Houses built 1,497
Apr 2012 – Mar 2015 (approx) Houses built 423*
Total 1,920
Houses in the process of being built 343*
Total 2,263

Housing site allocations on brownfield 196*
Housing site allocations on brown/green site 144*
Overall Total Since year 2000 – 2,603

Employment land – net loss
Facilities and services – net loss
Infrastructure investment – Leeds still to supply
Infrastructure planned – Leeds still to supply
Transport investment – Airport ground links road/rail
– Appley Bridge – Railway station

Site allocations on green belt – 1,260* excluding PAS
Site allocations on green belt – 79% excluding PAS
PAS^ site allocations on green belt – 316
PAS on green belt – 100%

* = Makes housing target of 2,366 for Aireborough in Leeds LDF

^ PAS land also called safeguarded land – is land taken out of green belt in order to build on, if Leeds does not have a 5 year land supply for its high aspirational target. With Leeds annual houses target planned to rise in a couple of years time this means this land is vulnerable. The developers only have to landbank and say it is not viable (ie profitable) to build, for the PAS land to become vulnerable to development plans. Moons Field Guiseley, and Bingley Lane and Derryhill, Menston were all PAS sites.

On top of this there are many more houses being built and planned for Horsforth and Farsley. Including a site for over 700 houses on the green belt along the A65 between Rawdon Crematorium and Horsforth Roundabout.

If you have anything you would like us to add to our submission to Stuart, please email Or add a comment here. What would you like to know from Government Ministers?