Site Allocation Response – Aireborough Is Full To Capacity


ANF Urban Design Workshop July 2013

Aireborough is full to capacity, and local residents needs investment in  infrastructure and the local economy not more housing.  That is the main message that has come out of the site allocation exercise, that Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum, and Rawdon Parish Council have undertaken between 3rd June and 29th July , and which has been sent back to Leeds Forward Planning as our response to their issues and options consultation.

Across the whole Aireborough region,  including Rawdon,  over 1,000 people have participated by giving their views on housing and employment sites, greenspace and retail, in both questionnaires and an urban design workshop.  This has allowed us to have a look at the aggregate situation.   Many,  many people have also responded to Leeds individually, and a number of ‘action and residents groups’ have sprung up,  including around Ings Lane Guiseley,  Park Road Guiseley, Banksfield Yeadon, Harrogate Road, Yeadon, Green Lane, Yeadon and Nether Yeadon.   There is also the GINS Group in Guiseley which is campaigning for a solution to the primary school issue, cause by overdevelopment.  And Menston Against Wind Turbines, campaigning against an industrial wind turbine above High Royds.

Below, for an overview of the old Parish of Guiseley,  are the site allocation responses to Leeds Forward Planning from

Aireborough Neighourhood Forum

Rawdon Parish Council

Horsforth Town Council

Guiseley and Rawdon ward councillors

Otley and Yeadon ward councillors

Stuart Andrew MP for Pudsey

Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North West

All the above will now be using the information received to input to the various Neighbourhood Development Plans, along with other wokshops and evidence gathering events.

Other responses from local organisations:

Aireborough Civic Society

Horsforth Civic Society

Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development (WARD)

As far as consultation on the Leeds Core Strategy and Site Allocations are concerned,  we are expecting the next stage to be a hearing on the Core Strategy in October 2013, when the soundness of Leeds’ 66,000 housing target will be examined, along with other elements of their strategy.   Further, site allocation consultations are expected after that, at the end of 2013,  and into 2014.

The ANF would like to thank all those who have helped in this process, from those who took the time to study maps and give their views, to Covered Magazine for doing the questionnaire distribution,  local councillors from Guiseley & Rawdon, and Otley & Yeadon for providing the funds,  and particularly  Emma Oldroyd, and Mark Bust of DLA Landscapes for running the urban design workshop.