Map of Aireborough For Neighbourhood Planning

Aireborough Map

This is the map of Aireborough we are using for the Neighbourhood Plan; it excludes Rawdon Parish and Bramhope and Carlton Parish, but we will be working closely with both areas, if they produce their own plan.   (Click on the map to make it bigger, or here for a downloadable version.)

Why Aireborough – A Little History

The area north of Leeds, between the Wharfe and the Aire, used to be in the wapentake of Upper Skyrack. Within this,  was the Parish of Guiseley, which covered, Carlton, Park Gate, Esholt, Nether Yeadon, Yeadon, Rawdon, Upperwood House, New Laithes, Scotland and Horsforth.

As the area developed in the 19th century, Sanitary Districts were formed in each of the townships of the Parish of Guiseley to deal with the finance and upkeep of beneficial infrastructure. Around 1894 urban councils formed in Rawdon, Yeadon and Guiseley. In 1937 these urban councils joined forces to form Aireborough Urban Council. The new secular name for much of the old Guiseley Parish was chosen as Aireborough so that no one township dominated the others.

Aireborough council was subsumed into Leeds City in 1974, but the name Aireborough lives on in many organizations and facilities that cover, Guiseley, Yeadon, Rawdon, Hawksworth and now, High Royds.

With a common heritage as the Parish of Guiseley, a common landscape, and a shared economy and community ‘brand’ Aireborough is the family name for our particular group of townships.  For neighbourhood planning purposes,  the parishes of Rawdon and Carlton have been dropped out.

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