Who Else is Neighbourhood Planning?

Areas all over Leeds, Bradford, Yorkshire, and England are getting involved in Neighbourhood Planning.  An area does not have to have a plan; it may choose to rely on a Local Development Framework produced by the Council, or it may not have the resource to do a plan.  However, many areas have seen both the threat if they do not, and the opportunities if they do, produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan can be prepared by either a Parish or Town Council,  or, where there is no such council,  a Neighbourhood Forum designated by the Local Authority. Each Plan has to have a defined area, that makes sense to plan for, approved by the Local Authority.

The Government and Local Authorities set out to trial the idea of Neighbourhood Planning in early 2011 with Front Runner areas; giving each Front Runner a £20,000 grant .   In October 2011 research was carried out to learn some lessons from the experience of the Front Runners, to pass on to other areas wishing to do a Neighbourhood Plan.   One key barrier faced by Front Runner is the lack of resource:  however,  a real motivator, for both engagement and thinking,  is to take a design/placemaking approach to the Plan – as the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum will do.

Front Runners in Leeds Authority Area

Holbeck (Neighbourhood Forum formed by a Community Association)

Kippax (Parish Council)

Boston Spa (Parish Council)

Otley (Town Council in a Market Town)

Areas Local to Aireborough

Horsforth (Town Council)

Rawdon (Parish Council will consider in November)

Ilkley (Town Council considering)

Bramhope and Carlton (Parish Council considering)

Interesting Front Runners in Other Areas of England

Ballsall Heath  (Consultant led, inner city, Neighbourhood Forum)

Bookham, Mole Valley (Newly formed village Neighbourhood Forum)

Chatsworth Road, London (Newly formed, urban, Neighbourhood Forum)

Liverpool Innovation Park (Business led Neighbourhood Plan)

Maidenhead & Cox Green (Multi-area, Neighbourhood Forum)

Much Wenlock  (Parish Council of market town)

Tettenhall ( Neighbourhood Forum for a semi-rural area covering a population of 24,000 people)

Upper Eden Valley  (Forum of Parish Councils)

Uppingham (Partnership between a Town Council and vaious other groups)

A list of neighbourhood planning areas from the Much Wenlock site