We have decided to seek the support of a Barrister to help the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum’s respond to the current SAP Consultation Planning Inspector, on behalf of residents in Guiseley and Yeadon.   The Barrister we have asked to provide the support has a good reputation in Planning Law and has worked with us before with some positive results.

The Barrister is happy to take instructions from the ANDF on behalf of the community because we can  provide a clear and detailed brief on what is now a complex situation, with many changes in Leeds City Plans and National Plans happening at the same time.

We now need someone who can argue the issues local residents have with the Leeds SAP modifications in legal terms supported by case-law.   (Just a reminder of what Leeds City Council are proposing is here.)

To go ahead with this we need to raise £3,000 very quickly through crowdfunding from residents and businesses who would like to contribute to ensuring that plans for Aireborough are fair and legal.

If you would like to contribute then we have a Local Giving Account here.   Or email us at for details of where to send a cheque or other payment.

People have told us they are really struggling to answer the SAP consultation and are extremely concerned, not to say upset, at what is being proposed and how badly they fear it will affect the area.   Thus we decided this is the best way to offer local residents the fullest support we could.

Amount reached in contributions and promised contributions

22 February – Target reached – Many thanks to all who have contributed.