Ings Lane – Mire Beck’s Flood Plain is Still A Proposed Green Belt Housing Allocation Site !!

This week Leeds City Council have launched yet another consultation on their housing Site Allocation Plan.  This one is to do with

  • Green Belt Site Housing Allocations
  • Phasing of Green Belt Allocation Sites
  • Some small changes to some sites

There are some very significant changes for Aireborough which we would like to encourage everyone with an interest in sustainable development and wellbeing in the area to respond to.

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum is currently examining all of the proposals for soundness, and specifically if they

  1. are in line with the National Planning Policy Framework
  2. are in line with the Leeds Core Strategy 2012 – 2018
  3. are in accord with Bradford’s strategic development plans, including their proposed full Green Belt Review

We will advise in the coming weeks on our findings, in order to help you make a relevant response.

Hollins Hill – This Green Belt Working Farm Site, is still in Leeds Proposed Housing Allocations.


The above Leeds Housing Site Allocation Plan is still based on a housing target of 70,000 net between the years 2012 – 2028.   Sites will be allocated for 66,000 of this total.

Leeds City Council also has plans to change the housing target to 52,000 net in an extended time frame 2017 – 2033, in a revised Core Strategy they are currently working on.

With 13,824 houses completed in Leeds between 2012 -2017, this means the Council is now looking to build 65,824 houses between 2012 -2033.  Sites will be allocated for just over 60,000 of this total.

There will be another public consultation on these changes later in the Spring.   However, we need to be cognisant of what is being planned in the Core Strategy Review, in order to respond on the current Site Allocation Plan changes, as the new figures and Housing Market Characteristic Area targets are material.

You can find a paper on these proposed changes here.   The Forum has very significant concerns with what is being proposed, and is in discussion with various local representatives and other professionals.   Again, we will bring you news when we have gathered key facts and advice.

Wills Gill – This Historically Significant Site Where Planning Permission Has Been Previously Refused Is Still In The Green Belt Housing Allocations