We have  received an invitation to attend a Plans Panel meeting that will be looking into the High Royds building application under 16/04643/FU.  The meeting is open to members of the public together with applicants and agents.  The text of the invitation is: Quote:

Application 16/04643/FU/NW
For Chevin Park Former High Royds Hospital Menston.
Proposal Conversion of the former administration block and workshops to create 46 residential units and one retail unit and erect 25 new dwellings.

This application will be considered at the Plans Panel (meeting of Councillors) on 6 July 2017. The Panel meets in the Civic Hall, Leeds, in Rooms 6 and 7 and starts at 1.30p.m. The planning officer has prepared a report with a recommendation for the members of Panel to consider which summarises all the planning issues including any written representations received. It is available for you to see 5 working days before the Panel date and is also available on our website on Public Access at

The Panel is open for members of the public, together with applicants and agents to attend. If you are attending and have any specific access requirements, please contact us as soon as possible. At Panel there is an opportunity for objectors, applicants (or their agents) or supporters to speak. This is not for all matters in front of Panel but available to; Objectors to an application that is recommended for approval – with a right to reply for the applicant or supporters.

Applicant (or agent) or supporters of an application recommended for refusal – with a right to reply for objectors. Speaking is for up to 4 minutes for each side. The procedures (which are set out in full in thePublic Speaking at Plans Panel Protocol) can only be varied in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Chair of the Panel.  More information about Plans Panel procedures is available on our website at

If you wish to speak you should tell us as soon as possible and not later than 5pm on the Tuesday before the Panel. You can email, telephone us or write with your details and the application you wish to speak about. A member of staff will be inside the room for you to register with before the panel meeting begins. If you do not wish to attend, any representations you have made will be carefully considered at the Panel. You do not need to reply to this letter.

Please note that the handing out of written representations or other material, such as photographs, will not normally be allowed at the Panel meeting or any Panel site visit. This is even in the circumstances where the hand out relates to an address that you wish to make to the Panel meeting. The reason for this is simply because the Members of the Panel will not have time to read and digest such material at the meeting itself.

To reduce costs, we will not write to you again. Any further referrals to panel and the final decision will be available on Public Access, where you can also track the application.