Where Are We, Picture Quiz – Answers

At the St Oswald’s Street Party, we held a Picture Quiz asking people to identify places in Aireborough.  For those who took part here is the answer.  We would like to thank you for your interest and donations to funds for the Neighbourhood Plan.   The Quiz is also up at the Tales Told Festival for anyone wanting to take it for fun.  Tales Told Programme Here.

1  Guiseley Wells, Well Lane

2 Greencroft Works or Kirk Lane Mills off Kirk Lane, Yeadon.

3 We are on Guiseley Church Tower, looking up Guiseley Town Street.

4 Hawksworth Crossroads. (Not part of the answer but it is where Old Lane, meets Goose Lane, meets Mill Lane, meets Hillings Lane.)

5 High Royds

6 Back Lane, Guiseley

7 Yeadon Town Hall

8 Park View, Dibb Lane, New Scarboro’

9 Gill Lane, Nether Yeadon

10 Main Street, Hawksworth, (Hawkstone Barn)

11 Old Dog Mill, Miry Lane, Yeadon

12 Front of the parade of shops or old Co-Op Building, Oxford Street, Guiseley

The top quiz sheets were
J Turner
Dave Knott
Ben Garnett
Brenda Jackson
Richard Kirkpatrick

All the top sheets got either 11 or 10 correct answers which came closest to the right description of where we were.  Nobody got all 12 correct.  The key sticking points were people who thought number 9 was Carlton Lane – we can see why that was, but Carlton Lane does not have street lights.  Yeadon Town Hall – many thought it was Guiseley Theatre, and the Facade of the old Co-Op on Oxford Street, Guiseley – many said it was the Liberal Club which is opposite.  In addition, quite a few people called Guiseley Town Street, Moor Lane; Moor Lane starts from the top of the town, which is the junction with Carlton Lane,  Town Street is the old medieval main street.