Housing Needs Survey – Now On-Line – Please Complete ASAP

We previously advised that Leeds City Council (LCC) were to embark on a Strategic Housing Market Assessment and that an important element of this was a Housing Needs Survey.  Some  people in Aireborough will have received a postal survey, but the majority will not.  However, the Council is fully aware that the response rate to surveys is generally not very good and as a result has placed the survey on-line for ALL residents to be able to respond.  The survey is now on-line and can be found here.   Therefore, all Aireborough residents are strongly urged to complete the survey and you never know, by completing the survey you may win a prize, alternatively, a significant return will equate to an accurate figure of housing need and may well influence the LCC in reducing its 70,000 housing target.

PS  there is an ID box and postcode box at the start of the survey, but you only need to fill in your postcode.