Aireborough Calendar 2017

14882224_10209580305279940_3008058527040498601_o Photographer Darren Sanderson took on the task of capturing the essence of the Aireborough landscape back in early 2015.  We’d seen a photo he took of the Chevin, and noticed he did a lot of Yorkshire landscape: so we asked him if he could do Aireborough, as we felt it had great potential but was often overlooked, and we wanted to showcase this unique glacial hanging valley, and make people more aware of what was here.  We also wanted to use the photographs in reports and papers for the Neighbourhood Plan to help demonstrate the character of the area.

Darren took on the task with gusto, with no payment and has been out in all weathers and at all times of day since then – it was lucky he was there to photograph the Boxing Day floods in 2015. We have been able to use the photographs on a number of occasions for publicity and plans, and just raising awareness of Aireborough in general.

So, we are especially pleased to say that Darren now has published an Aireborough Calendar for 2017, using photographs chosen by local people as their favourites during an exhibition at the 2016 Airborough Tales Told Festival.    The Calendars are available to order through his website here.