Little Miss Christmas – Cheque Gone Missing?

missingThank you so much to everyone who has donated  to our Urban Design Project: it is very much appreciated.  We have reached just over £600, with another two weeks to go of the LocalGiving matchfunding:  this, together with the grants we’ve applied for (if we are successful), means we are just £1,000 short of our target of £10,000.  If you’d like to donate £10, that will then be matchfunded, our LocalGiving account is here.

Little Miss Christmas

We are however somewhat concerned that we received an envelope at the weekend, that looked like it might be a donation, but which was open, and its contents flown.  It has a very unusual stamp of Little Miss Christmas – so maybe this will help to locate the sender – and if the content was a cheque, it needs cancelling.

Getting Started With Better Urban Design

It does look now, as if we may be able to start the Urban Character Study before Christmas.  We are keen to get going and to start looking at

  1. Buildings and spaces that are currently not protected under the Planning system and ask the question what protection (if any) is necessary – and then get it done.
  2. Provide the information for Leeds City Council to be more aware of  what we value about Aireborough and how to conserve it in plans for a truly sustainable future
  3. Identifing areas that need targeting for regeneration funding or investment.
  4. Identifing ways to improve our Public Realm  – such as Guiseley gyratory, walking to school, the area around Town Gate and Guiseley Wells,  Parking at the Railway Station.
  5. Finding ways to make Aireborough more ‘human friendly’ and healthy.
  6. Finding places where much-needed housing at the bottom of the scale of price, can be built
  7. Develop a future Design Guide for Aireborough that ensures new development  is distinctive and useful.
  8. And last but not least – – Give Aireborough people the upper hand in discussions, enabling them to have the tools to fight for what they value in the future – through the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have a lot of data we’ve gathered from you already, but now is the time to bring in innovative professionals, to help look at it, and guide the plan to a conclusion – with your help.