In October 2014 a planning application was made to develop the Naylor Jennings site on Green Lane, Yeadon (14/05524/FU).  Subsequent approval was given for 93 new houses and 46 units, including a care home, to be built in heritage buildings.  In addition, approval was given for the demolition of one of the original chimneys.  Since then work has begun on clearing the site.

On 26 October this year a further planning application was submitted requesting the following:

  • Rotation of Building B through 90 degrees.
  • A small extension to Building B to accommodate an increase of 3 units bringing the total to 17 units.
  • Retention of the existing brick chimney.
  • Relocation of the water tower from its current location west of Building B to the north east of Building B.

The application’s Design and Access Statement provides much detailed information, including diagrams and photographs, and the Statement can be accessed here.  The Statement also asserts that Building B’s extension will be in keeping with the original structure and be constructed using reclaimed stone.  The water tower will be relocated and rebuilt using like for like existing materials.