popoup3ppTomorrow,  11th November, we are holding our last Pop-Up to help you with your responses to the Site Allocations. We’ll be at Guiseley Methodist Church on Oxford Road, between 2 – 7pm – so if you don’t know what to say, or still don’t know what is going on, come and see us.

The responses have to be in to Leeds City Council by 5pm on Monday 16th November. 

Please help ensure that as many responses as possible are sent to Leeds City Council, from yourself, members of your family,  your friends, your neighbours,  and your colleagues,  it is especially important to talk with people who may not be on the Internet or use it very often; apparently even children can respond.  You’ll find leaflets for different sites in the drop down box in the header – why not print one off and pop it through a few letterboxes.

This is likely to be the last chance to comment on the housing, employment, green space and retail allocations that will have major implications for Aireborough,   before they go to a Planning Inspector early next ysoundnessear for examination and approval. Remember; the Inspector considers the plan to be sound, it is up to people who comment to agree or disprove that.  So, use our guide to tests of soundness to say why you think the plan is, or is not sound.

Besides our Pop-Up, there is  lots of help on this website,  from site specific information in the drop down boxes under Aireborough Site Allocations on the header line;  to more detailed information here.  We have given you a suggested letter layout, and you can also download a Leeds response form for people not on the Internet.

Leeds City Council prefer the on-line response, but you can only use that for one site – and you may wish to comment on more than one.  So you can email (, or write as well  (LDF Publication draft Consultation, Forward Planning & Implementation, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD).   There have been issues with receipts acknowledging emails, especially if the email comes from two people using the same computer:  so if you don’t get a receipt to your response, then you can call the helpline to check 0113 247 8092.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to our Pop-Up Fund to help inform people; we raised nearly £800.  Our Local Giving Account is here,  we are now raising money for a legal advice fund.   We would also like to thank eveyone who has helped set them up, and the Forum members who have manned them.

12109234_991415530909138_2686093752340916641_nWe would also like to thank Darren Sanderson Photography for his work in capturing the Landscape Character and Local Distinctiveness – you can buy prints from Darren.   Do send your own photographs in with your responses as evidence – they are useful for how a site affects the landscape value or to illustrate details  such as ecology, or transport congestion.  Some children are sending drawings.

After the Site Consultation, there will be a consultation on the Airport Link Road.  Dates unknown as yet.

The ANDF will also be progressing with the Green Infrastructure Masterplan for the Neighbourhood Plan (we are being helped by planning consultancy AECOM) – and will be holding Pop-Ups to get opinions and input to this.  The emerging Neighbourhood Plan will have weight with the Inspector.  More of this later.

Finally,  we would like to remind you to complet our Housing Needs Survey if you have not already done so – this is vital evidence for the type of housing we do need in the area.