site informationTo help you with your response to the Leeds Housing Site Allocations,  groups of residents local to each site have produced site specific leaflets that they are mailing around their area. The information they have used is based on research and analysis from their sustainability analysis of the sites, and fitted to the Leeds Site Allocation Response Format, especially in terms of the tests of soundness and the 5 purposes of green belt.

If you would like to have a copy of all or any of the leaflets, they are now posted on our website; go to the drop-down menu under the top line heading ‘Aireborough Site Allocations’ – each site has a page of its own with the leaflet, sustainability report and relevant links. 

We will also post there any information that potential Developers would like add, so that there are as many site details as we can pull together.

If you can help any of the groups deliver the leaflets, please contact them – all of the leaflets have an email, and the majority have a Facebook page link – otherwise email, and we will put you in touch.pop ups jpeg

More advice on responding can also be obtained at our pop-up events, dates here – we are happy to sit down with you and go through draft responses.   There is also an advice day specifically for Rawdon sites 31st October, Rawdon Library, 10am – 3pm.   You will also find generic advice on making a response, as well as links to a lot of research reports here .

We have been advised, that people are find this format, for a letter, email,  or the comment section of the on line response form useful.

Potential layout for an email or letter – response form comment section:

  • Start by giving your personal details, site number(s) and interest in the site – ie you may have special knowledge

  • Give the tests of soundness that your are challenging or supporting  eg that the site is not justified (ie there are better alternative ways of accommodating the housing target), or the site has not been positively planned as the specific needs of Aireborough have not been looked at.

  • Say if a site fulfills any of the 5 purposes of green belt with examples. All allocated sites are green belt except Silverdale Allotments.

  • Say what enhanced purpose a green belt site could be put to, that would benefit the area. It is helpful to be proactive and positive as it shows more sustainable options.

  • Say if the land has any ciritical characteristics for the character of the area, landscape, ecology, conservation, or heritage

  • Give your view on infrastructure eg transports, schools, healthcare, cemeteries, and facilities eg sport, leisure, young, old, disabled, sick, needed for a) current population b) needs of a new proposed housing site.  A useful point here is that one family home produces 6 traffic movements a day in somewhere where commuting is high – that means an increase in gridlock and air pollution on the already over capacity A65 (source CPRE).

  • Say if you are satisfied or not, that you have been informed and involved in the choice of these sites.

  • Say if you think Leeds and Bradford have worked together on their local plans for Aireborough Airedale and Wharfedale.

  • Give your evidence for what you say.   If you are able to refer that to the NPPF, the  Leeds Core Strategy policies,  or the Neighbourhood Plan vision, so much the better.

  • Don’t forget if you know a better place to put houses that are actually needed by local people, put it in your comment.  For example, is there a small space where a few low cost homes could go, within the built environment.  Let us know this as well, on the Housing Needs Survey below.