Consultation 23rd flyerIt is absolutly vital that as many people in Aireborough (as well as Leeds in general) know that there is currently a PUBLIC CONSULTATION happening on site allocations for housing, green space, retail and employment, between 22nd September and 16th November 2015.

In the past, far too many people have said they did not know about the consultation periods; far to many people still do not even know what is in Leeds Local Plan; yet,  it will make a huge difference to Aireborough.  So, we are asking people to help spread the word to friends and neighbours.  

Publicity Materials

We’ve designed the above generic poster/flyer as a starter, to alert people to the Aireborough Drop-In on 23rd September at Guiseley Methodist Church, Oxford Road, 2-8pm.  This will print out in both A4 (here) and A5 (here) formats.  If you can print out a few and deliver them in your local neighbourhood,  that would be of enormous help.

We also have a pdf of the timetable for the rest of the Drop-In sessions.  These will not be specific to Aireborough, but people can still discuss their views and pick up draft plans.   You might like to distribute this as well – on the reverse.

Both of these can be tied to a local lamp-post – in a plastic wallet.

For those that have a Facebook page or Twitter account there are posts you can share on both.   Facebook Aireborough Voice.  Twitter @AireboroughVpc1

Making A Response

The Drop In sessions are a good opportunity to look at maps, get a copy of the draft plan, and ask some searching questions. However, we suggest you might like to wait to submit formal comments until you have studied the plans and looked at the online debate and discussions, that will be going on.

Responses do not have to be received until 16th November 2015; we will be helping people understand what constitutes an ‘effective’ response,  through

  1. a series of our own Pop Up Drop In Sessions
  2. articles on this website
  3. items on our Facebook Page Aireborough Voice

Please help spread the word, and reduce the number of people who are just not aware of what is going to happen to the area where they live.   After the 16th November it will be too late for anyone to make a comment – the next step will be Planning Inspector Hearings.