20150717_160224The two, much hated, dangerous chicanes on Queensway are to be taken away as soon as possible – as long as funding is secured in September, and the go-ahead given.    In their place will be put two speed reduction ‘tables’, near the current sites – the tables will also form a point of crossing, and will have tactile paving either side.   The speed table near Sainsbury’s will be moved further down the road, so that it is opposite the shops.

Leeds Highways have consulted with both the Guiseley & Rawdon and the Otley & Yeadon Councillors,  and also with statutory bodies such as the Emergency Services and Metro.   In addition,  a number of letters have been received over recent years from local residents and car drivers,  angry at the danger, and air pollution caused by these ‘obstructions’.

Funding for the removal of the chicanes has been earmarked by highways, and added to by both sets of Ward Councillors, but has to have final approval in September.20150717_160622

There will not be a full public consultation on the move, as there has been such strong opposition in the past – however, residents around the chicanes will receive a mailing in the coming months with plans,  so they can make comments.   If anyone would like to object to the removal then please contact Jonathan Waters,  Leeds highways officer at jonathan.waters@leeds.gov.uk