Naylor Jennings Site – Plans Passed 19th March

Naylor Jennings Site, Green Lane

Naylor Jennings Site, Green Lane

Plans to build 93 new family houses, 46 units in refurbished old buildings and a 64 bed care home on the old Naylor Jenning Site, Green Lane, Yeadon were passed by Plans Panel yesterday, 19th March 2015.

The site will have access from Focus Way as well as Green Lane,  a diverted stream around two sides with a small pond and wetlands will accommodate wildlife, there will also be retention of a small woodland, and public open space.  The stone chimney and stone water tower will be retained as features.  The stone houses fronting the Green Lane will also be kept.  A new feature will be an iron factory gate at the front of of the building,  which will look into the historic area to be retained.

The decision is subject to the signing of an S106 agreement that will provide £25,000 for highway improvements, £69,311 for public transport improvements, £2,695 for travel plans, £44,244 for a Metrocard scheme, £471,617 for educational contribution based on 25 primary and 10 secondary school children; 10 of the units will be ‘affordable’.

The developers will be allowed to build 75% of the new houses, before they have to refurbish the old buildings for the residential units.  This was contested by Aireborough Civic Society who wanted to see the heritage buildings restored more quickly – they will however by made watertight as soon as possible.

Strong representation was made by Aireborough Civic Society to retain the brick chimney as its removal will cause ‘harm’ to the conservation area and heritage character – however, this was deemed acceptable by planners.  The ,  Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum wanted to retain workshop employment space in the older buildings, as this was an employment site .   The latter was refused as the Council insist there is enough employment land within 15min travel of the site – the ANDF argue otherwise for the increase in population.  The ANDF also requested that footpaths connected with the surrounding area to make walking easier and more attractive – this was agreed.   Many people have highlighted the traffic issues on Green Lane; the added entrance on Focus Way is deemed to be the solution, along with some work on the front wall to improve visibility, and travel and Metro plans .

Full details of the plans can be found here