Building Places – Bradford

DSCN0795_editedThoughts inspired by yesterday’s hearing on housing targets in Bradford.


“Once upon a time a business man and member of Bradford Council bought a lovely piece of land in Airedale by the River Aire – and developed it. The population of Bradford was growing, and the country needed economic growth.

He built a place for jobs, and houses of different types for different folk. But, being a wise man, he also built a park, and a school, and a hospital, and a hall, and shops, and allotments, and a library and many other facilities that would make the development a good place to live, and learn and grow – but not get drunk in!  He also ensured the buildings were made of good materials and were well designed. DSCN0786_edited

Today, Saltaire is a World Heritage Site: and, in Sir Titus Salt’s Victoria Hall, Bradford Council are presenting their plans to develop Bradford; as the population is growing and the country needs economic growth.

The Developers in the room are lusting after the green belt in Wharfedale and Airedale – but do they have any vision for what is around them; what it takes to build a future World Heritage Site?

What would it take to turn Bradford back into a great City again? Or must we always, today, take the development road to ‘Upper Wrecking’ twinned with ‘Nether Quick Buck’ ?”