1-Neighbourhood Plan2Monday 16th February

1.30pm – 4pm

Guiseley Theatre


Aireborough has its own distinctive feel;  it is not a satellite of Leeds,  but a group of sibling settlements which have a rich historical past.

Landscape Architect and Design Expert, Tom Lonsdale will be running a workshop where participants will explore and examine just what it is that makes Aireborough distinctive place.

We will examine:

  • The people and their stories
  • The landscape
  • The buildings
  • The general environment eg stone walls,  new build

The output, will help us design a template for distinctiveness into the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan, to enhance wellbeing, and create an attractive area, which in turn will help the local economy.  No more out of keeping paraphernalia, or buildings and an opportunity to start looking at real regeneration needs.

Tom Lonsdale, has a long history in helping to create distinctiveness, especially in the South Pennines.   He was Chief Landscape Architect for Manchester City Council, and worked on the landscape aspects of Manchester Airport.  He has worked on regeneration projects such as Hulme, Manchester, Cardiff City Centre, and Belfast.  And is a nationally known masterplanner, as well as having spent time with the Academy of Urbanism.  He also played a leading part in the Stanza Stone project for Ilkley Literature Festival, featured on Countryfile this week.

It promised to be a fascinating and productive session. Please book a place by emailing, there is no charge, we just need you to bring your enthusiasm for designing a thriving area to live, work and do business.