Nether Yeadon Conservation Area Consultation- 26 Jan – 9th March 2015

Nether YeadonNether Yeadon is a rare survivor of the pre-industrial Aireborough.  It has excellent examples of early Yeomen’s houses and agricultural buildings, 10 of them grade II listed, all set within an historic,  agricultural landscape setting.  Of particular note is Low Hall, which has remnants of Esholt Priory in its fabric.  These types of buildings do survive in other areas in Aireborough,  but their all important context has gone,  swallowed up by later development. 

The Nether Yeadon Conservation Group was set up in 2013 by residents and Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum members, Nigel Wilson and Alexia Smethurst,  to work towards conservation status for this special hamlet so that it is conserved for future generations;  a status and aim that has the full backing of English Heritage.

The NY Conservation Group are therefore very please to announce that after a full inspection and report by Conservation Officers at Leeds City Council,  that there will be a public consultation on the Nether  Yeadon Conservation Area, including Henshaw, between 26th January and 9th March 2015.   The Leeds report/appraisal gives opportunities for both preservation and enhancement, as well as a proposed boundary.  The report can be found here.

The boundary of Nether Yeadon covers part of Gill Lane, Warm Lane and New Road, however,  it is a contentious issues, as Leeds City Council have got several proposed new housing site allocations in the vicinity (including 1221, 2162, 1104 and 3033), and have cut back the boundary of the conservation area to accommodate this.  However, regulations state that a conservation area should inform housing site allocation,  not the other way around.  Therefore,  people are specifically asked to take an objective look a the area in terms of its historic conservation boundary.

Leeds Conservation Officer Andrew Graham, will be giving a presentation on the Nether Yeadon conservation appraisal during the Aireborough Festival on Monday 16th February, 7pm at St John’s Hall Yeadon, LS19 7XZ.   He will also be running an historic walk around the area for the Festival on Friday 13th February, should you wish to take a detailed look in real life .  Nigel Wilso, Chair of Nether Yeadon Conservation Group, will also be doing a walk on Saturday 21st February, at 9.30am

Please email for details and to book the walks   

Consultation documents will also be at Rawdon Library. Comments on the Nether Yeadon Conservation Appraisal should be sent to,  Andrew Graham,