Planning Application – Guiseley AFC Clubhouse/Community Hub

Guiseley Football ClubGuiseley Football Club has submitted a planning application for a new clubhouse/community hub, and other changes to spectator and play areas to upgrade the capacity of the club to relevant league standards.

The positive side of the plan is an upgraded football club for Guiseley,  community facilities which will be used by Aireborough voluntary services for the elderly (AVSED), amongst others, , a community cafe with employment for teenagers from Green Meadows, and better facilities for youth outreach and development.

Questions cover the following :-

  • Is the design of the clubhouse the best design for the site eg height, materials?  Should it be more ‘iconic’ ?  Could it be more innovative and ‘green’ to fit in with its surroundings, and enhance character,  particularly for residents on Ings Crescent.   The area is a conservation area, and the trees are a ‘desirable’ feature that add to the area’s amenities?
  • Has the transport statement been well thought through,  or could more be done in the surrounding area to make walking and cycling easier and more pleasant?
  • What about increasing parking facilities in the area?  Is it necessary?  How could it be done?
  • Are features to reduce anti-social behaviour relevant, or have opportunities been missed?
  • What should happen to the children’s playground?  Would it be better incorporated into the overall design of the whole area, or should it be moved?   (This is not part of the proposal, but is an important consideration in the wider context.)

How To Comment

You can read all the relevant documents here,  and we would particularly draw your attention to  the community engagement paper, the supporting statement and the transport statement, as well as the landscaping and the plans.   Comments of support, or objection,  can be sent directly to the Leeds web portal above,  and should be made by 13th November 2014.

Please also email with ideas for improving the area to make the best of the club so that we can put these in the ‘pot’ for potential in the neighbourhood plan.