AGM 2014 – Presentation

Attached are the slides used at the ANF Members’s AGM on Saturday 27th September.   At the meeting the following were agreed:-

  • Management Board – please see here
  • The Vision for the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan* – see slide 20, and the full vision document is here
  • The setting up of a Community Giving account – more details to follow
  • The spend of the Government NP Grant, on an Urban Room and a Consultant in Master Planning

Members also signed up for the different topic groups – see slide 20, so that work can begin on evidence gathering for the urban design stage. (If anyone member, or non-member is interested in helping the work of one of these groups please email

Many good ideas were put forward by members and are being incorporated into the programme.   Questions can be found in the full minutes.


*The Vision came from a variety of qualitative and quantitative research carried out between June 2012 and March 2013.  The Vision was put together by local people at a Place Making workshop and facilitated and supported by consultants from Design Council CABE.