Queensway School Is Just The Start !

Much upset has been caused at the sudden announcement to Queensway parents at the end of September that Leeds City Council are proposing to shut the school in July 2023 due to falling birth rates in Aireborough. A Public Consultation was launched shortly after on 26 September for 4 weeks until 23 October. However, this is not just about Queensway School, for this proposal is part of a wider plan to reduce the number of school places in our Aireborough. It is therefore vital that EVERYONE with an interest in our children’s education completes the survey

The Leeds Consultation states

it is our view that the number of places across schools in this area [Aireborough] will need to reduce by a minimum of 45 per year group by 2024 for schools to be viable

This consultation proposal would form part of a wider plan to address the reduction we believe is needed and in addition to the proposed school closure, we would work towards at least one other school reducing its published admission number (PAN) by 2024.”

Image from Queensway Primary School

Public Drop In Session

The first public drop-in session with LCC was held last Wednesday 5th October. Parents emerged even more concerned than before when they were told of future arrangements eg Portakabins might be used in other schools to accommodate the children displaced from Queensway.

There were many comments that little information was available on the situation, and that LCC staff did not ‘take notes’. One resident commented on social media

So the Queensway school consultation meeting was an absolute waste of time. Just seemed like a bunch of people had been sent with a hymn sheet rather than sending anyone to actually engage with us and discuss any genuine concerns.

What was gleaned from the meeting by everyone from parents to Councillors was that the consultation survey was important to Leeds. Again, a plea was made on social media

the only information that is taken into real consideration are the survey results which anyone can fill in, so if you can spare 5 minutes please fill in the survey.  I can’t encourage people enough from every single parent, family member, people of the community but most importantly people from surrounding schools to get involved and submit to the portal & survey 🙏 honestly you don’t realise the severity of the consequences we will all face if we allow this to happen! Possible more school closures!

Queensway Consultation Survey

The survey is short and asks

  • Do you support the proposal to permanently close Queensway Primary School with effect from end of July 2023?
  • If you do not support the proposal, please tell us why
  • Do you have any alternative suggestions to manage primary school places in Yeadon and Guiseley area of Leeds? If so, please provide your suggestions below:

And, there we have it, in the last question LCC is asking the local community for ideas to help manage the primary school places in the whole area.

So if you live in Guiseley, Hawksworth, High Royds, Rawdon or Yeadon, and have family in the area, whether you plan a family or have great grandchildren here, please take the time to let LCC know your thoughts on their current proposals and future plans as you may well be affected.

There is another drop in session at the school on Wednesday 12 October, 6 – 8pm.

Queensway Governors’ Request

There is also a request for information from Queensway Governors

After having had numerous meetings with councillors and our local MP we’d like to gather testimonials from parents of pupils and past pupils with additional needs (diagnosed or not) who actively chose Queensway because of this. It would be really helpful if could include the following:
1) Why you chose Queensway and which other schools you considered or even tried?
2) If your child started in Reception or later?
3) If Queensway is your closest school and if not how far you travel?
4) When your child started attending Queensway?
If you can help please email the Vice Chair of Governors Karen Gregory on k.gregory@queenswayschool.co.uk

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