Leeds City Council Approves £125,000 For Plans for Netherfield Road Multi-Storey Car Park


The decision to proceed with planning at the £125k cost was put on hold a few days ago (we are now at 30th September). Claire Lomax has let us know on the Aireborough Voice Facebook Page that she has received the following comment from Leeds City Council on 29th September:-

“This comment came in from Leeds City Council yesterday (after our publication day). A Leeds City Council Spokesperson said:”

“We understand the strength of feeling around this proposed project and have carefully listened to the feedback received as part of the extensive consolation. This WYCA led scheme is to look at the feasibility of the installing a car park. No decision has been made at on any construction and no decision will be made without the careful consideration of the local feeling. We would like to note that the report reflects the an outdated consultation position of local members. In light of this we will be going out for further consultation with local members in the near future, dependent on the outcome of the below review.

As noted, a review across all projects funded through WYCA is currently underway as part of the current pressures from inflation and as such work has been paused on a number of projects until those pressures has been fully understood.

As part of this the Proposed Multi-Storey Car Park at Netherfield Road, Guiseley the Council has paused the drawdown of further feasibility funding and is in discussions with WYCA as scheme promoter at the current time.”


In the Autumn of 2021 Leeds City Council consulted on plans for a Multi-Storey Car Park at Netherfield Road, Guiseley. Article here. The Yorkshire Post is now reporting that LCC have decided to move ahead to the next stage of planning and draw up an Outline Business Case and planning application for the car park this financial year. This will cost £125,000 and be funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority. The LCC decision notice is here and the background report to the decision here.

However, controversy is brewing over this decision, as ward Councillors for Guiseley & Rawdon have not been consulted over this latest development, and the report on which the decision was made said they are fully supportive – which they are not. It is likely this is referring to a 2018 consultation, which was pre-pandemic and when it was expected that Guiseley would grow with four Green Belt sites being built on. During the 2021 consultations Councillors said things had changed and no longer supported the plans as outlined in this Wharfedale article. The report is thus in error.

Meanwhile, nothing is mentioned in the decision report about the results of the 2021 public consultation which showed strong opposition of the scheme – particularly following changes to working patterns post the pandemic.

There is a discussion where you can add comments on our Facebook Page, Aireborough Voice. Ward Councillors are taking this up with Leeds City Council next week – UPDATE: there is a letter here from Cllrs Aldeson and Wadsworth.