McCarthy Stone Consult Over Plans For Silverdale Allotment Site

The Coach Road/Silverdale Allotment site was allocated for development in the Leeds Site Allocation Plan 2019. The particular circumstances surrounding the site meant it consisted of mostly unused private allotments; despite there being a shortage of allotments in Aireborough and an increasing waiting list. It was decided that the best way out of an impasse was to allocate half the site for the development of 32 housing units – with the recommendation being for older persons housing – and half for allotments or another needed green space type. This requirement is written into the Leeds Site Allocation Plan for the site which you can find here on page 53/54.

Site Planning History – Stonebridge

In 2017 the developer Stonebidge but in a plan for the site for 42 houses which was refused at appeal. Plans for this are here and include the Inspector’s appeal decision . In 2019 a revised plan for 38 houses with green space was put in, which was subsequently withdrawn in 2020, plans for this with comments are here.

2019 plan for 38 houses and green space

Current Proposals by McCarthy Stone

It appears the site is now being explored by McCarthy Stone as potential for a mostly 3 storey residential care block with 51 apartments, and 15 two bedroom bungalows – and a small public green space. McCarthy Stone are currently asking for feedback on their ideas for the site from the public and have put out leaflets around the area.

McCarthy Stone Consultation Document 2022 (Front)

More of the proposals for the site are on their website here, as is the feedback form.

To Consider

The type of housing proposed by McCarthy Stone is the type that Aireborough is short of, and is in line with SAP requirements. However, you will note that the site plan is very similar to that of the previous Stonebridge plan, and that less than half the site is laid out as green space, as is required by the SAP, particularly as it now has a road going across it. This change of access from Silverdale Mount to Silverdale Avenue has been done because of previous objections with the Silverdale Mount access.

The issue over the amount of accessible green space provision and the type of green space provided eg allotments, nature area, play area, is key to this planning application, and was the main grounds for the original application failing. (It must be noted here that the site has now been allocated for housing, whereas in 2017 this was not the case, so Leeds Core Strategy Green Space Policy G4 rather than G6 applies.)

Other considerations are

  • Has proper consideration been taken of the flooding on site
  • Alleviation of access issues, including access for emergency vehicles as this is a care home
  • Parking for residents on site – for a care home the calculation is 0.5 parking space per apartment
  • The design of the development in relation to neighbouring properties on Silverdale
  • The design of the building in relation to the Park Gate conservation area . You will find thoughts on the potential for the site in our Urban Character Report here section 6 Park Side and 7 Silverdale page 53 and 54
  • Public access through the site to connect Coach Road and Silverdale Avenue. Plus footpaths and other connections to public green space, strategic green infrastructure, and Guiseley facilities, particularly for the residents of he proposed property. This includes access for the owners of the remaining allotments

Below, is the back of the current public leaflet that has been circulated which gives McCarthy Stone’s view of the benefits of their current ideas.

McCarthy Stone Consultation Document 2022 (Back)

Your Feedback

Feedback by Guiseley residents is invited on this McCarthy Stone website by Sunday 6th March 2022. You could also copy key comments to the local Councillors for Guiseley and Rawdon,,,, and indeed ourselves if you wish, and Silverdale Action Group so that we all know people’s thoughts.