Leeds City Council have to update their Local Plan on a regular basis to keep up with trends. They are currently updating the Plan for their Climate Change Emergency Strategy, looking at development policies that will cover

  • Carbon reduction in houses and on building sites
  • Improving air quality in neighbourhoods and near roads
  • Conserving flood plains
  • Creating better draining systems to stop flooding
  • What green spaces are needed for their Green Infrastructure network
  • Growing more local food
  • Increasing biodiversity and improving habitats
  • Increasing tree cover
  • Local heat networks to use new sources of heat
  • Local energy provision
  • Improving mass transportation
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Leeds City Station and HS2
  • Improving the availability/accessibility of services in a neighbourhood
  • Improving digital connectivity

You might just be interested in reading through what is planned and either endorsing it or raising concerns or questions .

If you would like to input to the discussion on what policies should be considered, whether that is on just one subject or several, or if you think there should be a development policy that will help with the environment that isn’t mentioned on the list, then you need to do it before 5pm on 13th September.

Three of the Local Plan Update topic areas

The consultation has been divided into six topic areas, so you can focus on what interests you. Then there is either

1) a simple questionnaire to answer on proposals for each topic area, with a single comment box at the end (takes about 5min for each questionnaire you choose to do)

2) a more detailed questionnaire so you can give full comments on proposals where you have detailed knowledge, ideas, concerns or examples.

It is the Government’s intention for more people to get involved in planning at an earlier stage in decision making, and Leeds City Council are experimenting with ways to get more people to talk to them about the Local Plan Update and what they would like to see. So, please find a topic of interest to you and, at the very least, answer the short questionnaire – there is a short video at the start of each section.