Aireborough Green Belt Challenge – Update

As many of you will be aware, on 20th August the Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum put in a claim for a Judicial Review of the Leeds City Council Site Allocation Plan which has allocated four green belt sites in Aireborough to be developed before 2023. This is despite

  • the Leeds Core Planning Strategy stating it will allocated housing with the ‘least impact on Green Belt purpose’.
  • the Government saying that Green Belt must only be used in exceptional circumstances when all other alternatives have been evaluated
  • the Aireborough sites are not actually needed for the Leeds housing target up to 2023.

Impossible To Do Without Donations

We were only able to make this claim for a Review of the Plan on behalf of Aireborough residents with the kind donations of a large number of people to our Green Belt appeal; and a huge thank you must go to them. These donations have now paid for a reputable barrister to make the legal argument on which our claim is based, and also for a specialist planning solicitor to run the claim process: this includes putting together all the documentation, filing documents with the court, answering correspondence, receiving responses to our claim, and many other legal tasks.

A young man who gave us a donation from the sale of his home made doughnuts.

Second Stage

We have now reached the second stage in the process where the defendants answer the points in our claim; primarily Leeds City Council. Then all the arguments and counter arguments are weighed up by a judge to decide on next steps. The ideal next step is to be granted what is known as a substantial hearing in court, but there may need to be a preliminary permission hearing to go over the key points first.

In terms of funding next steps, we continue to build up funds towards the £40,000 target – so far it has reached £24,000. A number of people are now giving us pledges of further money as and when we need it – if you would like to pledge a further amount towards the hearings then please contact The Treasurer on, or call 01943 875640 or 01943 877360 and we will send a pledge letter. Meanwhile the £10 from 4,000 people appeal is still ongoing, and you can donate here on Local Giving.

Special Challenge Newsletter

If you would like to be on our special Green Belt Challenge Newsletter please email Liz Kirkpatrick on We will be running a number of fundraising events over the coming months and will give news and dates for these as well as updates on the claim process.

Thank You to the Fund Raising Team

Finally, we could not have gone this far without a dedicated team of Forum members and residents who have stepped forward to help with the fund raising effort. We would like to sincerely thank Liz Kirkpatrick and her team as follows :

  • Jerry Alderson
  • Sam Pickering
  • Ray Finlayson
  • Paddie Breeze
  • Doreen Copping
  • Darren Sanderson
  • Ali and Edward Newbould – Rance
  • Charlotte Cooper
  • Stuart Garforth
  • Liz North
  • Cleo Howell
  • Christine Bell
  • Nicola Denson
  • Tracy Smith
  • Lynda Kitching
  • Dawn Haddy
  • Judith Harding
  • Rachael Wright
  • Adam Fligg
  • Brian Broughton
  • Ian Hobson
  • Peter Hogg
  • Sam Melia
  • Ken Cothliffe
  • David Owen
  • Denise Wood
  • Clive Woods
  • David Ingham
  • Frank Jukes
  • Marion Joslin
  • Richard Turner
  • Roger Davis
  • Jay Richardson
  • Kay Easton

We would also like to thank MP Stuart Andrew, Local Councillors and the Wharfedale Observer and Telegraph & Argus for helping to spread the word about the claim and the appeal.