Friends of Springfield Park & Guiseley Wells – Constitution

Tales Told Festival 2018 in Springfield Park

Following on from the success of Friends Groups for Engine Fields, Parkinson’s Park and Nunroyd, a new Friends group has been set up to look after the old area of Guiseley’s Green. The group will be called Friends of Springfield Park & Guiseley Wells, and will work with other community groups to look after the area and develop it as a central attraction for Guiseley.

The inaugural meeting was held on 19th June, and a seed Committee has set up to make arrangements to work with Leeds Parks and Countryside Department, put together a constitution, apply for public liability insurance and get a plan of action in place.

The group’s constitution has now been agreed and is here.

Further meetings of everyone who’d like to join the Friends will be held over the summer. The Friends have a Facebook page here.