The Government published its revised planning policy yesterday. It will apply from now on to decision making; but only to plans like the Site Allocation Plan that are submitted after 24 January 2019. The Leeds SAP is currently under examination and the Revised Core Strategy has been submitted.

NPPF2 is broadly better for Green Belt protection as all alternatives to GB release must be explored. Gives greater protection to habitats such as ancient woodland and is more closely aligned to the new 25yr Environment Plan -important for our area. It is also stronger on design for distinctive places and the role of footpaths and cycleways.

Developer viability calculations have reduced profitability margins and small sites of over 1hectare must now make up 10% of the plan – we have a range of these. But large development is still the focus although ‘Garden Settlements’ have made a comeback.

Social housing has been added back into the definition of ‘affordable housing’. And housing calculations must include type of housing – absolutly crucial for Aireborough

Neighbourhood Plans done by local communities get better recognition and ability to plan for non-strategic matters, including housing sites, but need to be up to date.

Does this help Aireborough get the type of development plan it needs for the future? The answer to that is a game of chess!!

The Minister’s statement is here…/wri…/Commons/2018-07-24/HCWS925/…/…/national-planning-policy-framework–2