This week several people from the Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum are appearing at the public hearing into the Leeds Site Allocation Plan. A Planning Inspector (well two actually) are examining whether the plan is sound or not on a number of technical matters.

This week they are looking at the following topics, whilst the listed people have been giving evidence on behalf of Aireborough residents and businesses.

Monday 9th July  – Whether Leeds have collaborated with others such as communities, community groups and other Councils? (Jennifer Kirkby)

Tuesday 10th July – Whether Broad Locations is a sound ideas for green belt sites? (Lynda Kitching)

Wednesday 11 July – If the right infrastructure is planned for the development required? (Clive Woods and Cllr Ryk Downes).

Next week there will be more hearing as follows

Tuesday 17th July – Green Belt Reviews (Jennifer Kirkby)
Wednesday 18th July – Site Selection Methodology (Jennifer Kirkby)

Rawdon Parish Council and Rawdon Greenspace Alliance are also attending some sessions as is Yorkshire Greenspace Alliance and CPRE of which we are members. .

The actual sites chosen for Aireborough will be looked on 31st July. Attending will be Jennifer Kirkby, Stuart Andrew MP, Cllrs Paul Wadsworth, Jackie Shemilt, Jonathon Taylor, Dawn Collins and Rawdon Parish Council.

These hearings are public if people wish to attend. The agendas are here. (scroll down the list to Examination News and then look under 2nd of July) http://www.hwa.uk.com/…/leeds-site-allocations-plan-examin…/

Under 6 July you’ll find some updates on Aireborough sites which we will discuss in a post later this week.

Photo: from the Save Parlington Facebook Page.