We are delighted to announce the opening of Aireborough’s first Place Space on 7th June,  in Guiseley Parish Room, Town Gate.  Virtually every city in Japan has a Place Space,  Seattle has one,  Cork has one, and so too does Sheffield and Reading; now Aireborough has joined the towns where citizens can get involved in designing the place they live in.

The basic idea of a Place Space is to showcase the past,  present and future development of an area and for residents to come, look, examine and get involved.  The ANDF is going to use the Place Space to finalise the Masterplan for Aireborough and tailor the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have been lent the old Parish Room opposite St Oswald’s to use as a “pop up​ ​” Aireborough Place Space during June, July​.  We will be open Thursdays and Fridays,  10am – 1pm and 3-6.30pm .  We will also open on a couple of Saturday mornings so watch out for dates.

What Can You Do There?

The main idea is to put together everything we have done so far towards the Neighbourhood Plan in one place so you can come and have a look, chat to the Steering Group and other residents, and tailor ideas.

One of the key features will be a Masterplan done by the Academy of Urbanism based on our evidence base that you can do your own design work on,  or just leave comments.

You can come and have a look at the much acclaimed Aireborough Urban Character report done by The Urban Glow, as well as the Landscape Report done by Placecraft.   There are also a number of other important reports, as well as the map and documents for Leeds City Council’s latest plans for housebuilding; we can also explain what is happening.

We’ll have draft chapters of the Neighbourhood Plan for you to look through and add your own thoughts and policies.

Putting together a Neighbourhood Plan properly is a lengthy t business as there are so many things which have to be taken into consideration. There will be a display to guide you through the process, where we are, and  what our next steps are.

Not everyone understands what a Neighbourhood Forum can and can’t do. You will be able to find out exactly this at the Urban Room.

In addition to all this there will be information regarding development plans being made including the proposed design of the revamped Guiseley Wells area.  As well as information on community events, Friends Groups and other voluntary organizations involved in improving our area, and local ‘information’ leaflets.

We will also keep you updated on ‘happenings’ at the Leeds Site Allocation Plan Hearings, which are happening in July.

We open this week,  7th and 8th June, so come see us – we are well positioned between two local cafes.