Old Dog Mill, Miry Lane, Yeadon – Update

Photo: Steven Joy

On 23 June 2017 a planning application (17/03795/OT) was submitted for 39 dwellings to be built on the Old Dog Mill site on Miry Lane.  However, this application was withdrawn on the 23 August 2017 and it should be noted that this is the second application for this site in the last two years or so.  There is no reason why it shouldn’t be resubmitted if the applicant so wishes.  Nevertheless, it should be remembered that any comments submitted on previous applications stay with those applications.  Therefore, if a new submission for this site surfaces, any comments that were previously made would have to be repeated if you felt they were relevant and you wanted Leeds City Council to take them into account when considering the application.

Meanwhile the site is being considered for mixed development as part of Yeadon Town Centre with community facilities in the Neighbourhood Plan.